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Our Team

Our Team

Mark J. Milnazik

President, JM Berdekem Consultants, Inc.

Mark celebrated his 35th anniversary in the insurance business in 2017.  In addition to running and maintaining the company, Mark is responsible for overseeing the ongoing management of over 130 clients.  This includes making sure clients are in compliance with the Affordable Care Act (ACA), following federal guidelines under the COBRA law, as well as helping clients with managing their group insurance plans.  Balancing the cost of various benefits that JMB clients offer with the strength of the product and/or service is an ongoing challenge.

Mark has been instrumental in growing JMB Consultants.  What began as a minor division of the company, managing group medical insurance plans has become the main focus of the organization.  The ACA has created challenges that before it’s inception were unheard of.  Mark’s ongoing education through various organizations, as well as continuing education courses, has enabled him to keep abreast of the vast landscape that the ACA has presented.

Mark is a graduate of Temple University in Philadelphia, PA, with a BA in psychology.  He holds a current insurance license in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and various other states.

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